EsES Martillo de pegamento negro con mango de vidrio

Modelo H430
Tamaño 8 onzas, 32 onzas.
Materiales de madera EsES Martillo de caucho con mango de vidrio
Longitud total 260 - 900 mm
Etiqueta: Acero de vidrio

A short handled hammer, usually with a cylindrical head of wood, used chiefly for striking chisels or wedges. A similar tool, having a rubber, leather, or plastic head, used to strike a surface without damaging it. The head of a rubber mallet is made of rubber. This type of hammer has a softer impact than a metal hammer. If your work needs to be shock free, they are essential. The rubber hammer with fibre glass handle we manufactured is good quality with low cost to attract oversea buyers to source from us in bulk. If you are interested in the hammer products we produced, please contact sledge hammer manufacturers to inquiry for good quotation.

EsES especificación de martillo de caucho con mango de vidrio negro:

Dimensión: 8oz - 32oz

Goma negra

Conjuntos de paredes ópticas de dos colores, especialmente para pavimentar, etc.

Cabeza: caucho

Manija: fibra de vidrio



Longitud del mango

Caja de cartón

Tamaño de la Caja

G. Peso / peso neto (kg)


Ocho onzas.

260 mm.



28 de septiembre


Doce onzas.

320 mm.



32 / 31 años


16 onzas.

400 mm.


47 x 47 x 43.

36 / 35 años


24 onzas.

600 mm.


49 x 38 x 27.

26 / 25

Tipo h4332

32 onzas.

900 mm.


50 x 40x27

30 de marzo

Main market is Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Australia, stable quality, delivery in fast. Pangu got official accreditation of ISO9001, BSCI, FSC, SEDEX. All Forest hatchet, axe, splitting axe, splitting maul, felling axe, sledge hammer, machinist hammer, claw hammer, fiberglass handle claw hammer, British Nail hammer, Rubber hammer, ladders have Germany “GS” certification.

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